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About Us


A Few Words About Us

Cannabius Europe Pharm is a company that cultivates pharmaceutical cannabis on a 44.000 square meters site, 280km north of Athens, at Karditsa. It produces pharmaceutical cannabis, in accordance to Good Manufacturing Practices and FDA Standards.

Under the wing of strong company

Premiot Group is a Czech investment group focused on real and long-term assets. The total value of the assets that fall under Premiot Group managment and towards the end of 2020 they amounted to 3 billion CZK. Premiot Group has branches in four European metropolitan cities (Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, London) and employs almost 120 people.

Premiot Group constantly improves the quality of its investment portfolio and looking for new market segments with high investment potential. Part of our long-term strategy is investing in fast-growing and promising industries.

The group’s portfolio includes the pilot project for the cultivation of medical cannabis, which will include a farm, production line and own centre for development and research on the use of cannabinoids.

As increasing numbers of countries move to legalise and regulate the purchase, production and cultivation of cannabis, the market is responding accordingly. The legally sanctioned cultivation and consumption of cannabis for adult use and medicinal purposes is becoming increasingly prevalent. The medicinal aspects of the plant are also heavily taken advantage of by big pharmaceutical companies, with new, branded drugs being released with cannabis as their primary component. Experts predict that by 2022, the marijuana market will reach $32 billion — that leaves plenty of room for improvement and growth.

Planned investments in the first phase are estimated at CZK 500 million, including the scoring of its own development and research centre for the use of cannabinoids. The total planned investment in the project is 40 million euros.

million euros - total planned investments
square meters - plant site for cannabis cultivation